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Studio Liability Release
I understand that yoga can be physically intensive and I voluntarily assume the risk inherent in my participation in classes provided by Yoga Shelter including the risk of injury, accident, death, loss, cost or damage to my person, my family members or to my guests, and I release and indemnify KLMW,LLC (doing business as Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe) and Yoga Shelter, LLC from and against any and all such claims and liabilities, including attorneys’ fees. I acknowledge and agree that KLMW, LLC/ Yoga Shelter, LLC shall not be responsible or liable for any losses or damage whatsoever to any personal property owned by me, my family members and my guests, which may occur on or about the Yoga Shelter premises or at a Yoga Shelter event, and I, on behalf of myself, my family members and my guests, hereby expressly waive of any such loss or damage. It is therefore understood that all personal property of any kind of nature or description whatsoever which I, my family members or my guests may keep, store, maintain or utilize on or about Yoga Shelter premises, shall be kept, stored, maintained and utilized at the sole risk and responsibility of me, my family members or my guest. I further attest that I am in sufficient physical health, and/or that I have consulted with a physician and I am able to undertake and engage in the physical movements and exercises in classes that I have chosen to take provided by Yoga Shelter. I assume responsibility to update Yoga Shelter of any changes in my medical condition that might affect my safety or participation in classes at Yoga Shelter. Yoga Shelter reserves the right to terminate membership at its discretion for any reason, at any time, with or without prior notice and without liability.
Photography Release: I hereby grant Yoga Shelter permission to take and use photographs and/or digital images of me/my child. These images may be used in printed or electronic publications, Web sites or social media channels. I authorize the use of these images without compensation to me.